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August News & Notes

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August 2020
President's Message...

Sunday’s webinar did not go as planned. There were some issues with Zoom that I am trying to get worked out.    We are looking to reschedule.  I am sorry you all took time out of your evenings to attend.  
As we are still in pandemic mode, and NYS has not advised as to the opening of the conference center, we most likely will be starting off in the fall with webinars. The speakers we have booked prefer it that way also. No one wants to take a risk, and the board and I are fine with that.
The webinars are fine, but I miss our regular, monthly meetings. I miss all my friends, and the chit chat, and the raffles, and the competition, and especially the coffee and cake hour. I keep hoping this pandemic can get behind us and we can get back to normal.
It is very important to keep up your membership. We will start sending the webinar links to active members (those who have paid their dues). If you need help, check the website or email me.   
Thank you for all your wonderful daylily photos! There are so many different varieties with just slight differences.   I put them together in a little video that will be available on the website. It is set to music so make sure your volume is up.    
I hope your gardens are all blooming away! This has certainly been a dry summer. Yesterday’s evenings rain showers lasted about 5 minutes, that is not enough for my garden! The  milkweed is beautifully pink, and it attracts a lot of butterflies.
Last week, I was at the Peconic Herb Farm (if you have never visited this wonderful nursery, it is worth the trip). They were growing fennel in their vegetable garden, and the bottoms were mounded with dirt. I have grown fennel in the past, but I have never gotten bulbs like you buy in the grocery store. I wonder if the mounding causes the bulb to form?  
Enjoy the rest of the summer, I hope your gardens are growing like wild!

Membership Renewal Form

We have a new Membership Form here on the website. Just type your information into the form and print it out.

The form will print out with all your information right on the form. This makes it much easier for our Membership Secretary to read. It is extremely important to get your email address correct for you to receive all the LI Hort communications. Please send the filled out form with your check to: Maria Hoffman, 951 Jerome St., Baldwin,NY 11510

Access the Membership Form Here



                Virtual Visits

This month: 

Longhouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY House tour

Longhouse Reserve Garden Tour

How To: Prune Tomatoes

What a great response I got to the request for daylilies!   So many varieties! I put the pictures together in a video, click on the link to view it.    Make sure you have your volume on, it is set to music. Don't forget to pay your dues!  Click here for the Membership Form!



August Zoom Meeting

  Our speaker Conrad Decker of Decker's Nursery in Huntington, NY has been rescheduled for Sunday Aug 16, 2020 07:00 PM 

Topic: Condition of the Urban Forest. Conrad will also be answering all your gardening questions. Get those Questions ready!

September Zoom Meeting

LIHS September 13 Webinar 7:00 pm

Speaker: Lorraine Ballato

Author of the international bestselling book:

Success with Hydrangeas: A Gardener’s Guide 

Topic: Foolproof Hydrangeas

For more information click here

You can learn more about Lorraine on her website, http://www.lorraineballato.com where you can also sign up for her hydrangea blog.

Cook's Corner

This month's recipe comes from JoAnn Semeraro:

Caponata to enjoy your bountiful eggplant harvest.


Take a trip with LIHS member Leve Hajdu

to the Gardens of the Cotswolds

without leaving your home.

From the Editor....

I had my column all finished then Isiasis blew into town and everything changed. I went into the dark and back to the 1900's. 

I had to travel far and wide to forage for food as most of the restaurants here had no power either. The journey was tough and treacherous. Navigating intersections w/o traffic lights took patience and tenacity. Roads were closed due to downed trees so many U-turns were necessary.

Once sustenance was obtained the quest became to find ice. I needed to convert my modern refrigerator to an old-fashioned ice box. Bags of cubes do not last as long as a block of ice but the Ice Man has been long since extinct. 

I constructed a swamp cooler from a battery operated fan and a bowl of ice. Being in a basement with no air movement was stifling. You think it is is cooler but it's really just damp. Damp, stagnant air = yucky.

I could have gone full on 1900's; as I have a beautiful collection of kerosene lamps but, it wasn't prudent due to Mittens' inquisitive nature and well just being a cat who naturally just wants to push everything off the table and onto the floor. LED lights were definitely the way to go. I even found an LED headlamp

which kept my hands free to turn pages on a book I needed to finally finish reading - Sarah Addison Allen's "First Frost". It is the sequel to the wonderful story, Garden Spells which I loved and wrote about In the March edition "From the Editor" column. Its a tale about family, food, flowers and a bit of magic. It was the perfect escape I needed from my journey back in time.

Many members have sent me photos of their gardens for all of us to enjoy. I receive photos often - keep checking in. Newer photos are in the front. I am keeping all the photos in the albums so, we will have a year long look inside of our members' gardens. Please visit the Virtual Garden Tours 2020 page to see members' beautiful gardens.


Don't forget to check out the August Garden Calendar.

-Ann Wetzel

Toni Cabat & Stuart Germain

Make Your Own Bug Repellent

Just in time for Mosquito Season we have the video presentation of JoAnn Semeraro's Tutorial on how to make your own Insect Repellent. 

Insect Repellent Recipes

Is something eating your lilies? The red Lily Leaf Beetle could be the culprit. Click here to learn more..