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December 2020
President's Message...

Hello Gardeners!

The holidays are just about upon us. There is so much to be thankful for this year. Above all, we have to be thankful for our health. I am thankful that we are keeping Long Island Hort together through this pandemic. We still do not have a schedule to return to in person meetings. With the corona virus numbers on the rise, the LI Hort board and I feel we need to stick to the zoom webinars. We are getting a good turnout for the meetings, and our speakers have been wonderful.

Mobee’s talk on ferns last Sunday was informative. I did not realize so many were native. Terry Sajeweski was the winner of Mobee’s book. Congratulations to her! I always think of ferns as a very peaceful plant. You find them in the wild usually in the middle of a forest. The birds are chirping, squirrels are scurrying, and you cannot hear the noise from the outside world. Peaceful bliss!

I hope by now you have all put your gardens to bed and planted your spring bulbs. I planted about 40 around my yard and I just hope the squirrels have not found them. If I get a chance this weekend, I hope to run to Home Depot and see if they have any bulbs left. You cannot have too many.

If you buy an amaryllis bulb, or if you are gifted one, send me a picture of the bloom. We will put them up on the website. If you have paperwhites instead, send me that too. Whatever your holiday plant is, we want to see it.

I wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


Recap of Mobee Weinstein's Nov 15 Webniar Great Garden Ferns by Ronnie Brancazio

link to Mobee's handout

Great Garden Ferns.

Dec. 13 Webinar 7pm
Rebecca McMackin Topic: The Language of Flowers, Pollination Ecology for Gardeners
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Gold and Red Ornament

                                                  By Ronnie Brancazio

A while ago, fellow -gardener Carolyn Bantz asked me an interesting question:


"Have you ever tried layering bulbs in a flower pot?" Well, I hadn't but it sounded like a fun and interesting fall project, so why not?


Thanks to YouTube, there are plenty of instructions out there, and it looked like an easy and - hopefully - foolproof project. Easy to do for sure, the foolproof part remains to be seen!


My online bulb order finally arrived and before planting in the ground I set aside a few bulbs for my new endeavor. What follows is a photographic record of the steps I took, with explanations. I filled two fairly large pots, and once the process was complete I placed them outdoors, as instructed, in somewhat protected locations on my patio.


The bulbs I used, in the order from bottom to top, were as follows:

Assorted Narcissus, Tulip Flair, which grows to about 14",Tulip Clusiana var. Chrysantha which grows to 10", Yellow Crocus, Spring Anemone.

On top I just stuck in a few of my hardiest succulents, to have something interesting to look at during the winter. Some gardeners recommend planting with cool-weather pansies and dusty miller, or decorating with holiday greens. Might try that later!


The first step is to make sure you have good drainage in the bottom of the pot - I didn't have pebbles so I threw in some small plastic objects and a layer of sand! From there on, you do layers - 2 inches of potting soil, then the largest bulbs; another layer of soil and the next size of bulbs; another layer of soil and smaller bulbs; until done. Top with another layer of soil, and top off with some cold-weather plants, if you wish.


As you will see from the photos, it is recommended that you place the bulbs closer together than you would in the garden, but not touching each other. Water well, place outside, and hope that in spring you will have a magnificent display of flowers over a fairly long time period. HOPE is the word! If you try this, please let me know. Hopefully, in the spring I will be sharing some gorgeous photos -hopefully.

1) Bottom drainage - holes in bottom, plus pebbles or sand or anything that works.

2) Two inch layer of potting soil.

11) If you wish, plant something cold-hardy in the top layer. Water well and place outside, slightly sheltered, if possible.

1) Bottom drainage - holes in bottom, plus pebbles or sand or anything that works.


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Cook's Corner
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This month's recipe comes from Janet Tufuro Chocolate Fudge Bars

December News & Notes



Red Christmas Wreath

                Virtual Visits

This month: 

Missouri Garden Glow-holiday light tour

How to make Holiday Bows &

Holiday Wreaths

The Last of the

     Pink & Violet


By Toni Cabat   &
      Stuart Germain

The Vote is in- Introducing the

2021 Board of Directors:

President: Anne Cognato

1st Vice-President: Terry Sajewski

2nd Vice-President: Priscilla Bauerschmidt

Treasurer: Maria Hoffman

Recording Secretary: Ronnie Brancazio

Corresponding Secretary: Connie Knies

Membership Secretary: Kathy Readinger

Directors: Term ending:
2021: Ann Wetzel, Barbara Hanft, Courtney Quinn
2022: Richard Edwards, Carol Kazdan, Kimberly Williams 
2023 Levente Hajdu, JoAnn Semeraro, Stephen Huysman


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Hot Chocolate
From the Editor....

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family get togethers either in person or in Zoom. Now I'm planning a Zoom Christmas with my brother's family.

New Projects I'm working on lately: I just started getting interested in Bonsai. I found a great resource on Youtube - Heron's Bonsai. Peter Chan has been doing bonsai for over 30 years and he makes it very accessible. Showing how to use ordinary nursery material and no fancy tools just pruning shears and aluminum wire. I have created 2 bonsai plants already. I cut a Chamaecyparis "Boulevard"named "Fluffy". I have had Fluffy for over 15 years in a pot but I hadn't pruned or wired it before because I didn't know how. After watching many of Peter Chan's videos I felt confident enough to try. 

I also purchased a little Arborvitae at Home Depot for $6. I pruned and wired it to get more of a weeping form. I want to do an Alberta Spruce next. I'm waiting until they go on sale after the holidays. I really enjoy doing Bonsai; one of the Zen arts like Ikebana, there is a lot of looking at the tree, pondering the tree,  I find it very relaxing.

A final Look inside our Gardens this year. I added the last few bloomers in my garden. I had a surprise this year a VERY late re-blooming Iris. I didn't even know I had any re-blooming Iris, this was a surprise, nice birthday surprise. Virtual Garden Tours. Our gardens do offer us more than just 3 seasons of interest so don't think that your gardens are done. If you have plants that look pretty in the snow, winter birds that come and

feed on the hollies, pretty exfoliating bark on Crape Myrtles or

River Birch-take pictures and send them to me. Ann_Digitalis@hotmail.com 

I'll add them to the garden tour albums. Go out into your gardens & see them in a whole different way!


An Update about a project I did way back in July, the Paludarium. It is a hybrid Aquarium/Terrarium with plants and animals.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

- Ann Wetzel

Sands Point Trip Update
hempstead house2.jpg

Toni had planned a trip to Sand’s Point for last spring, and due to covid, it did not happen. We were hoping to reschedule, but Sands Point has restrictions, and covid is still keeping things at bay. For those of you who paid for the trip, would you be will to donate the $5 to the scholarship fund?

Please contact me, annecognato@gmail.com

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Gold and Red Ornament
Red Christmas Wreath
Purple and Blue Ornament
Drawing of Reindeer
Purple Bells

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