March News & Notes

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"You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”~Winston Churchill

Do you have bookeeping experience? We need a volunteer for the Treasurer Position, if interested please email Carolyn Bantz

The Programming Committee is looking for volunteers to help provide interesting and informative speakers. There are lots of opportunities to use the skills you have, or to learn new ones while working with fellow members. Email Bruce Hambrecht, Carolyn Bantz, or Ann Wetzel with any questions. (Board membership not required).

Thank You!

We thank our members for their generosity, donating items for our refreshment and raffle tables.

Refreshments: Stuart & Toni Germain, Anne Cognato, Judith Dunn, Joyce Anderson,  Dorothy Titus, Courtney Quinn, Christine Douglas, Kathy MacLeod, JoAnn Semeraro, Francine Reff, Suzan & Dole Goldstein, Kimberly Williams, Laura Weill, Judy Basse, Marina Pilic

Raffles: Russ Gorog, Marge Duryea, Jo Borut, Angelika Swantek, Suzan & Dole Goldstein, Anne Cognato, Courtney Quinn, Elizabeth Simadis, Stuart & Toni Germain, Laura Weill, Audrey Rydzewski, Trish Cody, Ronnie Brancazio, Dagmar Karppi

Seed Swap

Our 4th annual Seed Swap will take be moved to a later date You must bring seeds to take part in the Seed Swap!

  • If you haven’t saved any seeds from last year you can bring seeds you have purchased. Check out this article from Jo Borut on how to find seeds in your garden now

  • All types of seeds are included: Annuals, Perennials, Biennials, Herbs, Flowers & Vegetables

  • We have provided a seed packet template for you to use or you can use your own envelopes and method.

  • Seed Swap will take place during the refreshment time after the raffle approx. around 3:30pm.

  • Get to know your fellow members and have fun sharing!

  • Grow some seedlings for the NEW Seedling Swap in May at the Plant Sale!

  • Check out the Seed Swap Page for more info.

March 22 Meeting

Based on the most recent guidance from the CDC and NY state which are limiting large group gatherings due to Coronavirus, the Long Island Horticultural Society Board of Directors have decided to cancel the March 22 meeting.

We understand that this is disappointing news, however the health and safety of our members is our priority.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Welcome New Members

Julie Van Benthuysen
Carol Eldon
Nancy Kwas
Tara & Jesse Sammis

Membership Renewal

We have a new Membership Form here on the website. Just type your information into the form and print it out. The form will print out with all your information right on the form. This makes it much easier for our Membership Secretary to read. It is extremely important to get your email address correct for you to receive all the LI Hort communications. Either bring the filled out form with your check to a meeting or mail it to:

Maria Hoffman, 951 Jerome St., Baldwin,NY 11510

Access the Membership Form Here

Horticultural Competition

The Horticultural Competition winners for February are:

Ann Wetzel Best in Show Ikebana Arrangement

First place Winners:

JoAnn Semeraro

Shiyama Vijayendran
Kathy Armstrong MacLeod

Ann Wetzel 
Filomena Salamone

Check out the photos from

this month's Horticultural Competition here.

The 2019 Horticultural Competition Winners :

Ann Wetzel 1st place

Filomena Salamone 2nd Place

Judy Basse 3rd Place

Plant Sale

This year's Plant sale on May 17 will have some changes.


It will be a LI Hort only event. Members selling to members (friends welcome!) 


We will also have a Seedling Swap. If you participated in our annual Seed Swap in April and have extra seedlings you can swap them for other member's seedlings. 

There will be a member donation of $10 to LIHS for your table. All proceeds after the $10 donation is yours to keep! You will need your own cash box to sell directly to your customers.


There will also be a speaker presentation at 2pm

More information coming soon.

If you are interested in selling plants at the Plant Sale please email Ann Wetzel and let me know how many tables you will need.

We will need to have your $10 donation checks in prior to the plant sale to confirm your table(s).

Please mail your check to Margaret Duryea, P.O. Box 116, Kings Park, NY 11754 or give it to her at a meeting.

Also if you would like to volunteer to be on the committee please email Ann Wetzel.

Seeing Seeds


Josephine Borut

Sands Point Trip

Trip To Sands Point Preserve- Falaise Tour

Wednesday May 27 11am

For more info click here

This trip is fully booked up. 

March 2020

Photo©William Barash

President's Message...

I feel like winter is making its last stand at the end of February. It is cold today, and yet, as I glance around my garden, the tulips and daffodils have pushed through the soil. I saw crocuses blooming at Farmingdale College’s garden this morning. There is hope, spring is coming!

  What a great meeting we had in February! Lots of orchid information, and thanks Barbara, for accompanying your talk with your collection of orchids. They are quite beautiful. I have 4 orchids (all different varieties) in the my living room window, and at least twice a week, I look at them to see if they are getting their flower spike. No luck yet. So I wait. Patience is a gardener’s virtue.

  When Deana From New York Botanical Gardens was talking about trees they have to take down, it reminded me of when I had to take down a 60 year old red maple from my backyard. It was a tree that my kids climbed in, hung a bat house in, held up my clothesline. Every fall it would turn a bright red; it was stunning. And it was sad when we had to take it down. I was a bit emotional when the workers started to cut it down, and then I left for work. When I came home there was a bit empty space and I felt a loss. The next morning, I walked out to my backyard, and there was about 20 birds sitting on my fence looking for the tree. It made me feel that much sadder. I think they have happily relocated to the two wild cherry trees that are still standing.

  At the February meeting, Eileen Anders gave us some tips on winter gardening – really just tips on starting some of your seeds early. I used a couple of soda and juice bottles, planted some lettuce and broccoli seeds, and lo and behold, they are sprouting despite the weather! This is a great hack.

  The March gardening calendar, printed in Newsday today, suggests starting annual seeds in mid-March. As I will be unable to start seeds at that time, I started them today. And I planted extra for our seedling swap. I am really excited about the swap. Also, we are making a few small changes to our plant sale, see the website for further details.

 Spring is right around the corner! I can feel it.  -Anne 

Cook's Corner

This month's recipe comes from Angelika Swantek: Spicy Crock Pot, Pot-Roast

From the Editor....

I've been reading a very enjoyable book Garden Spells: A Novel by Sarah Addison Allen. It's a fun tale about the quirky characters of small town with a mystical, magical backdrop. Clair Waverly is a caterer who uses the plants from her garden to make some magic happen for the town's folk. It a fun read and I recommend it for a vacation from winter doldrums and into a magical garden.  

Get those seeds ready! Our 4th Annual Seed Swap is in April. Check out the Seed Swap page for more info!

Check out the Garden Calendar Page to learn how to Force Branches into flower.

To make sure you receive all of LI Hort's emails be sure to add to your safe sender list so emails go to your inbox and not the junk folder.                            -Ann

Lots of Daffodils were Showing off their Skills..