June 28 Meeting

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Doors open at 12:30

Place Horticultural entries by 1pm


1pm Tutorial: Ava Grego, Topic: How to Plant Rhododendrons 

2PM Speaker: Professor Michael Veracka: Designing Landscapes with NYC High Line in Mind

About the Speaker: Professor Michael Veracka is an award winning Associate Professor in the Department of Urban Horticulture and Design at Farmingdale State College. Trained as a Landscape Architect, he inspires his students to work toward solving our global environmental problems while making the campus and local communities better places. He focuses on sustainable design, conservation and innovation, organic edible landscaping, and the adaptive reuse of urban spaces. Professor Veracka’s work has been featured in Garden Design magazine, Organic Gardening, the Boston Globe magazine, and many others. We surely will want to be there June 28 when he comes to share his expertise with us!

About the topic: The June meeting program focuses on the High Line - that amazing horticultural gem set right in the middle of the most urban of environments. Professor Veracka will examine the preservation and repurposing of this structure and its design elements-especially plant selections and groupings- and will show how home gardeners can incorporate the concepts of High Line design into their own gardens and landscapes. He will also discuss what design strategies work best and what impact plant selection-natives or exotics-has on biodiversity, the ecosystem, and our enjoyment of our environment.

3pm Business, Raffle, Refreshments

What you missed from the last meeting....

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