Long Island Horticultural Society

Dec. 13 Webinar 7pm

Rebecca McMackin Topic: The Language of Flowers, Pollination Ecology for Gardeners

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Speaker: Rebecca is an ecologically obsessed horticulturist and garden designer. She is the Director of Horticulture at Brooklyn Bridge Park where she oversees 85 acres of organic parkland with the dual aims of cultivating beauty and encouraging biodiversity. BBP’s meadows, wetlands, forests, and ornamental beds are managed as wildlife habitat for birds, butterflies, and soil microorganisms. Rebecca sits on the boards of Metro Hort Group and Ecological Landscape Alliance, and is a NOFA certified Landcare Professional as well as an ISA certified Arborist. Her writing has been published in The New York Times and Landscape Institute.

Topic: The Language of Flowers: Pollination Ecology Did you know that getting pollen from flower to flower relies on duplicity, bribery, thievery, and of course, salacious plant sex? Rebecca presents the basics of pollination ecology and the fascinating – and complex – communication strategies at play in the seemingly simple matter of plant reproduction. From intoxicating scents to well-marked landing strips, learn how to “read” flowers and know the true desires of the beautiful organisms you cultivate in your garden.​