Trip To Sands Point Preserve, Falaise Tour

Wednesday May 27, 2020 11am

The Sands Point Preserve on the original Guggenheim Estate embodies the grandeur and elegance that defines the Gold Coast period of the early 20th century, when prominent American families built great mansions on large estates as summer retreats along the Long Island Sound. 


The Guggenheim mansion, Falaise (French for “cliff”) built in 1923, was design in the style of a 13th-century Norman manor house.

Distinctive features of the house include an enclosed cobblestone courtyard, thickly mortared brick walls, steeply pitched roofs of heavy tile, and a round tower. The medieval atmosphere continues inside with archways, thick wood beams, textured plastered walls, and carved stone fireplace mantels.

Falaise is furnished with antiques, many from the 16th and 17th century as well as architectural fragments of medieval and Renaissance-period. There are woodcarvings, sculptures, columns, doors, gates, Renaissance paintings and several important pieces of modern art.

Arriving at the Sands Point Preserve is, in itself, a special experience. Cross a century-old bridge as you drive down the historic “allée” of mature trees and landscaped gardens to the Preserve’s Gate House. The first view of the Sands Point Preserve includes Castle Gould, Hempstead House, and the Long Island Sound from a distance. The Great Lawn is a majestic park – the green centerpiece of the Preserve. The Rose Garden behind Hempstead House has 1,500 red rose bushes – its fountains add an historic quality.

All of this with a 1 ½ hour docent led tour is available for 22 LIHORT members for $5.00 admission per person. Public tours are $15 per person. There is a Nassau County parking fee of $15 per car which means if members would like they can car pool to share the parking cost. We can designate Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn as a car pool site which is about 15 minutes from the Sands Point Preserve. A sign-up sheet will be available at the Jan meeting. We can take a wait list of guests if we do not fill up with 22 members. Directions and more details to follow.