3rd Annual LIHS Seed Swap

Attention all LIHS Members

Get Those Seeds Ready!

Our 3rd Annual Seed Swap is Sunday April 14 !

You can only take part in the Seed Swap if you bring seeds!

  • If you haven’t saved any seeds from last year you can bring seeds you have purchased.

  • All types of seeds are included: Annuals, Perennials, Biennials, Herbs, Flowers & Vegetables

  • We have provided a seed packet template for you to use or you can use your own envelopes and method. Please feel free to use what you normally do.

  • Please include some information on the packets so other members will have some idea of how to grow them.

  • Seed Swap will take place during the refreshment time after the raffle.

  • Get to know our fellow members and have fun sharing!

Background Image © Ann Wetzel