4th Annual LIHS Seed Swap

Attention all LIHS Members

Get Those Seeds Ready!

Join our Social Distancing Seed Swap !

Purple Flower
Pink Daisy

You can only take part in the Seed Swap if you have seeds to swap.

  • If you haven’t saved any seeds from last year you can use seeds you have purchased. Check out this article from Jo Borut on how to find seeds in your garden now

  • All types of seeds are included: Annuals, Perennials, Biennials, Herbs, Flowers & Vegetables

  • We have provided a seed packet template for you to use or you can use your own envelopes and method. Please feel free to use what you normally do. If you have a lot of seeds please make up extra packets so you can share with more people.

  • Please include some information on the packets so other members will have some idea of how to grow them.

  • Please make a list of the seeds you have available to swap and how many people you can swap with.             Example: Buttercrunch lettuce: 3 ppl, Datura flower: 5 ppl

  • Please email me with your name, the name of the seeds and how many packets you can make up to share. I will publish the list in our newsletter.

  • If you see something you would like in the list, please email: Ann Wetzel at Ann_digitalis@hotmail.com and I will pass on your contact information with the member offering the seeds and you can contact each other to arrange for mailing.

  • Get to know our fellow members and have fun sharing!

  • Grow some seedlings for the NEW Seedling Swap in May at the Plant Sale!

Little Yellow Flower
Background Image © Ann Wetzel