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October News & Notes

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President's Message...

Hi all!

Pam Flamm, our speaker for September, gave us so many interesting facts about hummingbirds. I was riveted. Who knew they are aggressive; they look like such sweet little things. Thank you, Pam, your talk was a treat.

We mentioned at the meeting a trip to Landcraft. The date will be October 19, rain date October 26 at 9am. It will be $10 per person, payable at the door. If you have never been to Landcraft, it is a real treat. Located in Mattituck, it was a private garden, now public but only open certain days/times of the year. I have never been there in the fall, but I imagine it is beautiful. 

I had the pleasure of visiting Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this week. It was the first time I had been there. They had beautiful swathes of native plantings in their formal gardens. The day was rainy, so I did not get to spend as much time there as I wanted to, but I plan to go back in the spring. Besides their cherry trees, they have a magnolia display that I think is going to be magnificent.

I just picked up a book at my library, 100 Plants to Feed the Monarchs by the Xerces Society. It is not just milkweed! Milkweed is where they lay their eggs, but there are plenty of other plants they get nectar from. The book tells you a little about each plant and where it natively grows within the US. Interesting reading.

It is dahlia season, and at the October meeting, the topic will be dahlias. So bring your questions. I was at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum on Saturday, their display is amazing. Planting fields also has a great display. I planted dahlias in my beds this year, three of the plants have yet to blossom. I guess they are late bloomers.

See you in October.



October 17,  Meeting

At: Planting Fields Arboretum 

Conference Center

Doors open at 12pm

Speaker starts at 1pm

Topic: Dahlias

Everyone regardless of vaccination status should wear a mask.

There will be a raffle table please bring any plants or garden-related items that you would like to donate to the raffle. Raffle tickets will be sold starting when the doors open, and the numbers will be called after the Speaker.

There will not be a hospitality table at the meeting.

The Horticultural Competition is back! Please bring your favorite plants, floral arrangements, garden photos, or any other horticultural art that you would like to enter into the competition.  Please refer to the Horticultural Competition manual here and use the entry forms here. For more information about the Horticultural Competition please see the webpage located here You can also access the page via the Competition link located in the top menu

Ronnie's Recap

Hummingbirds Take Flight, recap of the program for the September 26 meeting with Speaker Pam Flamm by Ronnie Brancazio click here to read article

More Hummingbird photos from the presentation and from the meeting, click on viewer to enlarge photos.

Meeting photos by Stuart Germain

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Speaker Pam Flamm
Speaker Pam Flamm

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Horticultural Competition

September 26, 2021 Winners

Best in Show: Ann Wetzel C8b

1st Place: Connie Knies F18

1st Place: Anne Cognato U55

1st Place: Millie Hendricks I28a

1st Place: Ann Wetzel O46

Click on the viewer to see al the entries
Best In Show Ann Wetzel
Best In Show Ann Wetzel

Arrangement C8b: Calicarpa (Beautyberry) Datura "Black Currant Swirl"

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Barbara Hanft
Barbara Hanft

Exhibition table: Gesneriad family

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Best In Show Ann Wetzel
Best In Show Ann Wetzel

Arrangement C8b: Calicarpa (Beautyberry) Datura "Black Currant Swirl"

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Spring Bulb Primer

Autumn is the season to plan, purchase and plant Spring Blooming bulbs such as daffodils, tulips and much much more. Here are some articles to help you plan, purchase and plant those bulbs:

Spring Bulb Primer- how to buy, plant and grow spring blooming bulbs.

Successive Daffodil Blooms- good varieties for continuous blooms.

Reliable Tulips- Is there such a thing?

-Ann Wetzel
Cook's Corner
Apple Harvest
Cooks symbol.png

This month's recipe comes from Courtney Quinn Apple Crisp

Trip to Landcraft, Mattituck Long Island

Landcraft is a public garden in Mattituck, NY 

Date: Tuesday October 19 at 9am, Raindate Tuesday October 26 at 9am. Tickets are $10 per person. Contact 

Anne Cognato at 


For more information and to reserve your spot.

2022 Board of Directors
Slate of Officers

In November the all members of the Long Island Horticultural Society vote on the Board of Directors, the 2022 Slate of Officers are:

President: Terry Sajewski

1st Vice-President: Diane Garvey

2nd Vice-President: Priscilla Bauerschmidt
Treasurer: Maria Hoffman

Recording Secretary: Ronnie Brancazio

Corresponding Secretary: Connie Knies 

Membership Secretary: Kathy Readinger


Jenny Holmes 2024

Courtney Quinn  2024

Barbara Hanft,   2024

Term ending 2022:
Levente Hajdu

JoAnn Semeraro

Sharon Rubin

Term ending 2023:

Richard Edwards

Carol Kazdan

Stephen Huysman

We want to thank everyone who has volunteered to serve on the LI Hort Board of Directors! 

Membership Renewal   Form

Please fill out the Membership Form here on the website, when renewing or joining. Just type your information into the form and print it out.

Autumn Leaves
October 2021
From the Editor....

Back in August we visited a public garden I haven't visited since I was a kid, Old Westbury Gardens. I remember taking field trips from school to this garden and I took in a few outdoor concerts here as well. It has changed quite a bit since I last visited. The gardens have expanded or maybe they were always there but I wasn't as interested back then. I wasn't a gardener in my youth.


The walled garden with the blue wrought iron gazebos. Neat well manicured garden beds that had a very cottage garden feel to them, flowers and colors flowed into each other. There was a lot to see yet very peaceful.  They had a beautiful dahlia collection too.

The Great Garden Railway was set-up we got to see it on its last weekend. They had 3 trains running simultaneously and the track was built to go way up high over-head. The buildings were creatively constructed as well. It all was a lot of fun.

The grandeur of the gardens were really breathtaking. The Linden Ale´e with its high hedges and wrought iron gate was very impressive. I honestly don't remember any of this. 

They have a most wonderful cafe in the woods. The food is fantastic, the wait is long, they are very understaffed but the food is worth the wait. The bread my delicious sandwich - the Westbury was served on the most delicious walnut raisin brown bread, so good I had to find out where it came from: Polka Dot Pound Cake Bakery located in Rockville Center. I'm going there to get this bread! It is well worth the trip!

Things I've learned from this trip. Its good to go back and re-visit a garden that you haven't thought about in awhile. Its nice to go traveling and discover new places but sometimes staying home and re-visiting a garden can be a real surprise.

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Don't for get to check out the Garden Calendar page, click here for what's blooming now; September To Do List, Tips & Tricks for the month.

Please contribute to your newsletter if you have articles, tips tricks or recipes please send them to :


-Ann Wetzel
Dahlias, Dahlias, Dahlias
Toni Cabat & Stuart Germain

"Every year we try to get to see all the wonderful dahlia gardens on LI and many years we get to attend the dahlia competitions at Planting Fields and Bayard Arboretum.  Last year."... to continue reading click here

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Photos by Stuart Germain

Starting in January of 2022 Membership Dues to the Long Island Horticultural Society will be due on January 1 of every year. We are going back to a calendar year system regarding when membership dues are to be paid. If your dues aren't paid by January 1 a reminder letter will be sent out. If your dues still aren't paid you will not be able to participate in any LI Hort events such as trips, the Horticultural Competition, the Summer Social ect. Please make note of this change. Thank you.