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June News & Notes

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June 2020
June 28 Meeting

Due to the ongoing pandemic we are canceling the June 28 meeting.
The Summer Picnic at Centerport Beach is also canceled.

Stay Safe and Be Well.

Tulips, Trees, No Tea


Toni Cabat & 

    Stuart Germain

From the Editor....

Many members have sent me photos of their gardens for all of us to enjoy. Please visit the Virtual Garden Tours 2020 page to see members' beautiful gardens.

To participate in the Virtual Garden Tours please email me at Ann Wetzel with photos of your garden. You can start off with a few and add to them later as spring/summer blossoms in your garden. Just send your photos to me and I will update the slide show viewers found here: Virtual Garden Tours

Please check back often as I update the slideshows as members send in photos.

Also check out garden tours from 2019 and 2018

Check out the June to do list on the Gardening Calendar page.

As we are all cooking at home more now than ever I'm sure everyone has favorite or go to recipes to share with the membership. Please participate in sharing your favorite recipes in our Cooks Corner Column. Please email your recipes to me, Ann Wetzel to be featured here in News & Notes.

-Ann Wetzel



"You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”~Winston Churchill

The Long Island Horticultural Society Board of Directors have the following open positions:

Membership Secretary,


If your interested in any of these positions or would like more information please Click here for more information.

The Programming Committee is looking for volunteers to help provide interesting and informative speakers. There are lots of opportunities to use the skills you have, or to learn new ones while working with fellow members. Email Bruce Hambrecht, Carolyn Bantz, or Ann Wetzel with any questions. (Board membership not required).

By Toni Cabat & Stuart Germain
Membership Renewal

We have a new Membership Form here on the website. Just type your information into the form and print it out. The form will print out with all your information right on the form. This makes it much easier for our Membership Secretary to read. It is extremely important to get your email address correct for you to receive all the LI Hort communications. Please send the filled out form with your check to: Katherine Readinger 12 Evans Court, Huntington Station, NY 11746

Access the Membership Form Here

President's Message...

Thank goodness we have our gardens! I turn to mine for solace, when I need to think through a problem, or when I just need to unwind (it is better than a glass of wine, and much less calories!). When my job gets too crazy, I take a break and walk through my garden. The act of weeding is Zen magic.

In these times of Covid19, we need something to take our minds off the bad news. The blooming roses, the perfumed breezes of elderberry, the irises, and the countless other flowers all seek to distract us. Sit in your garden and watch the butterflies’ flit about and you will soon forget what was bothering you.

Long Island Horticultural Society is trying to adjust to these new norms. Planting Fields, by order of the state, has closed its conference room and other buildings to the public since March. As you know, things are changing daily, and we are hoping the rooms will be open in September. I expect the meeting will have a few restrictions, which will be sent out to members at a future time.

The July picnic has been cancelled. The Town of Huntington has closed its beaches and parks to events. I know we were all looking forward to this event.

An email was sent out with a survey regarding a Zoom or online meeting. We may experiment with this, having a speaker present online for just our members. It will be based on the responses we get from the survey.

We are trying to figure it all out; how to have garden tours, how to maintain the social part of our meetings (the coffee and cake time), how to do trips. Please bear with us.

Take care of your gardens, breathe in the fresh air, stay healthy, and hopefully we will see you in September.



Cook's Corner

This month's recipe comes from Maria Hoffman: Peas & Pasta to enjoy spring peas from your garden.


             to the Rescue!


Ann Wetzel

Please consider Planting Vegetables/Fruit/ Herbs to Feed the Hungry this year.



            Virtual Visits

This month: 

NYBG Journey Through Spring parts 1 & 2

Chanticleer Gardens Tour