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February News & Notes

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February 2021
President's Message...

Hello All!

Did you know the US Post Office puts out stamps commemorating US botanical gardens? 

The US Botanical Gardens in Washington DC have a garden dedicated to natives from all regions. If you have never seen it, put it on the bucket list. Their website also offers virtual tours (usbg.gov). Also, they offer webinars – check them out under the Programs menu. Some past webinars are archived and available for viewing with topics ranging from talks with garden authors, garden art and cooking demos, and of course gardening and houseplants.

They have a weekly trivia question - - I stole this from their website. See if you can guess it.

My leaf is a heart, my flower’s a bud
My pods of green turn the color of mud
I’m not exactly a towering tree
My unlikely cousin is the garden pea

Although the weather reports predict very cold weather the next few days, spring is right around the corner. So think happy, warm thoughts!

One more thing. Our newsletter. We would love to have more of our members participate in the newsletter. Send us your garden photos, your stories, your recipes. I know we have many talented members. I am sure you have a cute anecdote about gardening with your children, or photos of your favorite rose bush. Share them with us! Email your contributions to Ann Wetzel at LIHorticulturalSociety@gmail.com

Happy gardening!


February 21 Webinar 7pm

Tamson Yeh: Edible Landscapes: Helping the Environment one Bite at a Time

In this lecture, participants will learn about tasty and beautiful plants that can easily be integrated into existing ornamental landscaping. For more information visit the Meetings page



                Virtual Visits

This month: 

2021 New Perennial Introductions and Winter Seed Sowing

Happy New Year sign

12 things gardeners can do this year to get those creative juices flowing and share your passion with others.

2021 Virtual Garden Tours

We will be continuing our members' Virtual Garden Tours in 2021. Recently Carolyn Bantz sent me a few pictures from her garden, "What was hidden beneath the snow". 


Our gardens do offer us more than just 3 seasons of interest so don't think that your gardens are done. If you have plants that look pretty in the snow, winter birds that come and feed on the hollies, pretty exfoliating bark on Crape Myrtles or River Birch, Houseplants also welcome! Take pictures and send them to lihorticulturalsociety@gmail.com I'll add them to the garden tour albums. Go out into your gardens & see them in a whole different way! Access the 2021 Virtual Gardens Here

Things to do Until Spring


Anne Cognato

Cook's Corner
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This month's recipe comes from Toni Cabat Pistachio Cake

Long blooming compact plant is a great alternative to the larger Catmint, and  the bees love it too!

Recap of January 24 2021 Webinar: Carolyn Summers

Natives for Neatniks: Tips for Using Native Plants in Traditional Gardening Styles

by Ronnie Brancazio

Image by Aaron Burden
From the Editor....

Happy New Year Everyone! I am well now and I have a lot of stuff planned for the upcoming year.

After being sick for 2 weeks I was going a little stir crazy and it got me thinking about some creative projects I could make and film for you all. Get creative and get something growing inside while we wait for spring to arrive.

The first up is a nice artsy project: Making an Air Plant Holder with Air Dry Clay. It calls for a few materials that you can pick up at most art supply stores and you get to play with clay and paint! 

I also had time to organize my seeds that I collected quickly last fall. I just grabbed a bunch of seed heads from the Angel Trumpet, Castor Bean and Zinnias and tossed them into some paper bags. I finally opened the bags and got the seeds out of the very prickly seed pods of the Castor Bean. I even needed to use gloves to get the seeds out of the Angel Trumpet. Those seed pods are no joke. I will have plenty to share!

-Ann Wetzel
Air Plant Holder Materials List

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Barbara Hanft

Lady Slipper Orchid -Paphiopedilum sp.

4 Flowers on 1 stem Wow!