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Tutorial Videos

Make Your Own Insect Repellent
Lecture & Demonstration by
JoAnn Semeraro 12 minutes
Care and cultivation of Bearded Iris

Lecture & Demonstration by

Ann Wetzel  11 minutes

Houseplant Tutorial

Lecture & Powerpoint presentation by

Laura Weill  12 minutes

Seed Starting Basics Ann Wetzel 8 mins
Seed Success Tip and Tricks Ann Wetzel 7 mins

Plant guide to create a butterfly haven in your own garden. Host plants provide food for the next generation and nectar plants provide food for the adults to survive on. Lists of both types and the butterflies they attract.

2020 horticulture guide for Long Island written and published by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. Contains information about how to plant trees, maintaining healthy soil, cold and heat zones for LI, award winning plants, plants that attract birds and butterflies, plants that support native bees, deer resistant plants among other topics.