April News & Notes

April 19 Meeting

Planting Fields Arboretum has canceled all events in the conference center until April 30. so our April meetings has been canceled.

We are waiting to hear what they will be doing going forward and will advise our members accordingly. 

We ask for your patience during this time.

From the Editor....

We are in an unusual predicament of having to isolate in order to protect and preserve our community. 

In that vein we are having a social distancing Seed Swap and Virtual Garden Tours. We encourage all our members to 

participate so we may preserve the Long Island Horticultural Society until this pandemic has past. 

To participate in the Seed Swap please see the column to the left.

To participate in the Virtual Garden Tours please email Ann Wetzel with photos of your garden. You can start off with a few and add to them later as spring develops in your garden. Just send your photos to me and I will update the slide show viewers found here: Virtual Garden Tours

Social Distancing

Seed Swap

We are going to have a Social Distancing Seed Swap this year. To participate please make a list of what seeds you have to swap with other members and how many packets you can send out. Such as: Buttercrunch lettuce: 3 packets, Datura flower: 5 packets

  • If you haven’t saved any seeds from last year you can use seeds you have purchased. Check out this article from Jo Borut on how to find seeds in your garden now

  • If you have a lot of seeds please make up extra packets so you can share with more people.

  • We have provided a seed packet template for you to use or you can use your own envelopes and method. 

  • Please email Ann Wetzel with your name, the name of the seeds and how many packets you can make up to share. I will publish the list in our newsletter. 

  • If you see something you would like in the list, please email: Ann Wetzel and I will pass on your contact information with the member offering the seeds and you can contact each other to arrange for mailing.

  • All types of seeds are included: Annuals, Perennials, Biennials, Herbs, Flowers & Vegetables 

  • Get to know your fellow members and have fun sharing!

  • Check out the Seed Swap Page for more info.


I just read of a study that says having plants around lowers your stress level. I think then, that the members of Long Island Hort must be the most relaxed group around!

I hope you are all gearing up for our plant sale and seedling swap. I have a few trays of seedlings planted, it will be hard to choose which ones to bring to our swap. This year I have decided to start the seeds of many of the annuals I normally buy. So there are trays of plants throughout my house. I get very excited when the seeds sprout, I am like a kid at Christmas. And the funny thing is I don’t think I am alone with these emotions.

What a mild winter we had! I am curious to see if any of my zone 8 chocolate cosmos plants survived this winter. They were heavily mulched and they were in a sheltered area, so there is a possibility. If you are not familiar with this plant, it is scented like chocolate, and it has dark maroon, almost chocolate colored, daisy-like flowers. It is one of my favorites.


Membership Renewal

We have a new Membership Form here on the website. Just type your information into the form and print it out. The form will print out with all your information right on the form. This makes it much easier for our Membership Secretary to read. It is extremely important to get your email address correct for you to receive all the LI Hort communications. Either bring the filled out form with your check to a meeting or mail it to:

Maria Hoffman, 951 Jerome St., Baldwin,NY 11510

Access the Membership Form Here

Toni Cabat
Cook's Corner

This month's recipe comes from Angelika Swantek: Spicy Crock Pot, Pot-Roast