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Bonsai Plant Flowers
April 24 Meeting  
In Conference Center at Planting Fields Arboretum
Speaker starts at 1pm
Speaker: John Capobianco, Topic: Bonsai
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Cornell Suffolk Master Garderners' Workshops & Plant Sale is on April 30, at the Suffolk County Farm, Yaphank. For more info:  Click Here

New Perennials for 2022

Amsonia ‘String Theory’

Pennisetum alopecuroides Lumen Gold 

Fountain grass Worryfree Hush Puppy

Dianthus EverBloom series

Lilium Apricot Fudge Longiflorum x Asiatic Lily

Hibiscus Summerific ‘Edge of Night’....To learn more about these plants click here

Ronnie's Recap


by Ronnie Brancazio


Spring has officially arrived - even if, as of this writing, it is still a bit nippy outside. That means we are all taking stock of our gardens and outdoor spaces, deciding what we love and what needs improving..... to continue reading click here

spirea 1.jpg

2022 Flowering Shrub of the Year: DOUBLE PLAY DOOZIE® SPIRAEA

An Unforgettable Flower Show All Season One of the longest blooming shrubs you can grow Non-stop, hot pink-red blossoms from late spring to frost.... to continue reading Click here

Cook's Corner
Lemon Tree

This month's recipe comes from Janet Tafuro - Lemon Crinkle Cookies

Image by Aaron Burden

Get Ready for the LIHS Spring Plant Sale May 15, 2022

in the Conference Center at Planting Fields Arboretum

Tips and Tricks To help you Prepare..

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'Stand By Me Lavender' is a compact clematis that offers a heavy show of pale purple flowers in late spring and early summer. Its an easy-care perennial belonging to Clematis Group 3, which requires the simplest pruning....to continue reading click here

April 2022
From the Editor....

This past Sunday we went to Hicks Flower show. I was as impressed with the store displays as I was with the flower show itself. Ceramic Heads are apparently going to be hot this year. They had quite an array of choices, I guess I should look into making some for myself. Another eye catching display was the "combo" planters. The ones that look beautiful but those plants that could never live together long term; orchids, begonias and African violets all want different conditions so aren't compatible but it was very pretty to look at. It would be nice if they included a little note to that effect.
The show itself was displaying plantings via local neighborhoods. They had a Queens Porch, A brooklyn firescape complete with squirrel, a manicured lawn in Nassau, backyard pool in Suffolk, and a beach for the East End planted with salt tolerant choices. The water feature was a fantastic stream in the "chill" building with the pansy flats, spring bulbs and hellebores. 
Did I find a plant there I cant live without? of course! It's a dwarf Flowering Almond, those little pink pom poms were enchanting. Its normal bloom time is May when the Redbuds bloom. I'm picturing this in my mind; My Redbud and it's new friend the Dwarf Almond, blooming together... ah lovely. Now, I just have to find one. I was unable to attend the sell off of the flower show plants on March 30, sigh, I had to work. The hunt for the Dwarf Flowering Almond has begun! 

-Ann Wetzel

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Dwarf Flowering Almond
Dwarf Flowering Almond

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April To Do List: Get ready for the LIHS Spring Plant Sale! Click here

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