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Long Island Horticultural Society

April News & Notes

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April 2 Meeting

Sunday April 2, 2023 in the conference center at Planting Fields Arboretum. 

Speaker: Kayla Barthelme

Topic: Understanding Herbs Through The Senses

For more information see the Meetings Page

Make a note of the new time schedule for our meetings:

Speakers will now start at 2pm.

Doors open at 12:30pm

Place Horticultural Competition entries by 1pm

Horticultural Judging from 1pm to 1:30 pm

1:30 - 2pm LIHS Business and Announcements

Speaker starts at 2pm

After speaker presentation concludes Raffles & Refreshments.

Please bring donations for the hospitality table, all donations to the hospitality table receive one free raffle ticket! We ask that you bring in your donations ready to serve and place them on the Hospitality table. This will help out our committee a lot.  

Why not share the enjoyment of LIHS with a friend or family member?

Bring a guest to the

April Meeting for free!

Ronnie's Recap
March 19, 2023 Meeting

This was our first meeting for the Spring season, and we gardeners were out in force, eager to learn and share planting know-how. Our high spirits were reflected in Pauly's presentation which was lively, engaging, and entertaining. He brought nine of his favorite house plants, some of which can also be placed outside for the summer... continue reading here

How to Use Fragrant Flowers in your Landscape

Fragrant flowers and plants are a terrific addition to any property and scent is just as important as color, contrast and texture in a landscape. You may enjoy the breathtaking green shades of foliage...continue reading here

Donations to the Raffle Table:

Carolyn Bantz, David & Rosemarie Papayanopulos, Laura Wiell, Toni & Stuart Germain, Courtney Quinn, Moncia Pavlidis

Thank you to Courtney Quinn for creating the Hospitality table centerpiece.

Donations to the Hospitality Table:

Carol Wilkinson, Courtney Quinn, Dale & Suzan Goldstein, Laura Weill, Muriel Drew
Patty Jarrett, Toni & Stuart Germain, Laura Weill, 
Moncia Pavlidis, Barbara Hanft, 
Judy Basse, Judy Basse, Lorraine Hale, Janet Tafuro, Barbara Loechner



Attention All Members

Get Those Seeds Ready

The Seed Swap is Back!

April 2, 2023

  • Update 3/28/2023, we weren't able to receive the seeds from the Rock garden society so in order to participate in the Seed Swap you must bring seeds to receive seeds. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • When bringing in seeds for the Swap package your seeds up and please write a little information about growing/germinating so the recipient knows how to grow the plant.

  • Bring them in and place them on the Seed Swap Table. The exchange will take place at refreshment time.

Seed Starting Tips & Tricks
by Anne Cognato

Here are some interesting seeds starting and vegetable growing tips:

Tomato and pepper seeds germinate more consistently when soaked prior to soaking. Pre-soaking seeds for 8 hours, staring with warm water, initiates the germination process in virtually all seeds continue reading here

Horticultural Competition

Winners for the March

Horticultural Competition are:

1st place Jenny Holmes A2 
1st Place JoAnn Semeraro C8a 
2nd Place Carlos Taborda C9c 
2nd place Jamie Sykes P43a  

Bontanical Arts:
1st Place David Papayauopulos Class Q44
Honorable Mention Anne Cognato Class Q44
Honorable Mention Mary Wagner Class Q45


Art in Bloom, Virtual Lecture, Sustainable Native Landscape Design, with Rusty Schmidt, Landscape Ecologist, Wednesday, April 19, 2023
5:30 – 6:30 pm $8 for non-members, register at


SUNY Farmingdale Plant Sale Tuesday May 9 through Thursday May 11, 9am to 5pm.

Membership Renewal   Form

Just a reminder that memberships dues are due in January for the 2023 year.

Please fill out the Membership Form here on the website, when renewing or joining. Just type your information into the form and print it out. Either bring it to the next meeting or mail it to Kathy Readinger at the address on the bottom of the form. Thank You!

Painted Easter Eggs
From the editor....

On March 12 we went to Hicks Flower show, there were many creative garden displays! My particular favorite was the fantasy garden. Alice in Wonderland & Willy Wonka interpreted as landscapes. Favorite plants were the white variety Hawaiian Ti plant, Weeping Japanese Snowbell, and a white & peach Agastache. The sci-fi garden was also a very creative take on the subject with weird & wonderful pitcher plants, Tillandsia, and Bromeliads. The one disappointment was the Pre-historic garden, not that it wasn't fantastic looking but the designer forgot to include some of the oldest plants on the planet such as Sago palms (Cycads) & Ginkos. They did include plenty of ferns, which gave this garden its lush relaxing vibe. Still, I think the designer missed an opportunity to educate people on some of the oldest plants that are still around. Check out the slideshow below.

Don't forget to check out the Garden Calendar for April. Spring is here, LOTS to do!

-Ann Wetzel
Book Review
Toni Cabat & Stuart Germain

If you are like me; jumping out of my skin for signs of spring after a long and dreary winter filled with high winds, (but no snow!). I found my thrill in a new book at our local library..... continue reading here

The Philadelphia Flower

JoAnn Semeraro & Anne Cognato went to the Flower show earlier this month. JoAnn wanted to share the beautiful photos she took at the show with everyone. Click on the photo gallery below to open full sized images.

Cook's Corner
Image by Joseph Gonzalez

This month's recipe comes from Janet Tafuro,

French Toast Casserole

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