Long Island Horticultural Society

Horticultural Competition

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Our monthly horticultural competition is run for the enjoyment and education of our members. All are encouraged to participate, whether you are a serious competitor or just want to have some fun.

There are twenty-three classes of plant material ranging from potted, cut, and arranged material to specific plant families such as orchids, roses, and herbs. You can also enter paintings and photography. For more information, see the list of classes and more detailed instructions in the Competition Show Manual.  Before you arrive at a meeting, please fill out a white entry form with the section and class of your entry. Doing so beforehand will save a lot of time when placing your entries. 


Each exhibitor earns points that are added up throughout the year.

The yearly prize for 1st place is: $100., 2nd place: $75., 3rd place: $50.

Bring in your special plants, photos and arrangements and give the Horticultural Competition a try!

Rules for entry:

  • Each member may enter up to three entries a month. 

  • All entries with completed entry form must be placed on the exhibit table by 1:00 pm.  

  • Take your ribbons home, please leave the white entry slips for the HC chairperson. We need them to record the winners.

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               Introducing the Exhibition Table

Our exhibition table is for members to learn about plants or to show off a favorite plant, that isn't for competition. You can place plants on the exhibition table at anytime during the meeting.

If you have a plant that your having problems with and would like some member to member advice please bring it in and place on the table. 

If you have a favorite plant you would like to show off at the meeting but cannot make the 1pm start time for competition, please put it on the Exhibition table.

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Please Volunteer to be a judge
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At each meeting, three members serve as judges for the day. You do not have to be an expert gardener in order to be a judge. To make the process smoother and more efficient, it would be wonderful to have the judges chosen before meetings begin. Please Email Barbara Hanft

Take a look at our photo album page for pictures of our last competition winners.