Long Island Horticultural Society

January News & Notes

President's Message...

After Doug Tallamy’s talk (and Conrad Decker’s a few months’ back), I felt compelled to go plant an oak tree. Save the caterpillar, and it sets off a chain reaction up the food chain. There are two native, wild cherry trees growing in my backyard and a Japanese maple in the front yard. One of the cherry trees was also the home of the boys’ tree house. In addition to Tallamy’s arguments for growing trees, he failed to mention children. My children spent hours playing in the trees, observing nature, and making their own treehouse. I am sure yours did the same. So plant a tree for them, too.

Doug’s message is an important one, and we can do our part. It may seem small, what we can each do, but each little part contributes to a bigger picture. So plant a couple of natives. Long Island Native Plant Initiative is a good resource (http://www.linpi.org). They hold plant sales twice a year, and only sell plants found natively on Long Island. I purchased my milkweed plants from them.

The gardening season is just about over. I did some year cleanup today. There is one autumn crocus in my garden, it reliably blooms every October, its purple blossom above leaf litter. Next week, if the weather cooperates, I will be planting my tulips.

So for November, we have Mobee Weinstein speaking on ferns. I am really excited, I love ferns (if you have not realized it yet, I love all plants!) I find ferns interesting in their shape, and colors. They come off as delicate but they are really tough. And I love in the spring when they break ground, their little spirally, fiddleheads reaching for the sun. How could you not love them? That webinar will be on November 15 on zoom.

Thanks to all who shared their selfies with the favorite plants. We have varied tastes!

I have started reading “My Wild Garden” by Meir Shalev. It is a collection of essays of garden adventures and observations as he weeds and plants in Israel. His discussion of mole rats is comical. I found the book at my library. Give it a try and let me know how you liked it. And if you have any recommendations on garden reading, let me know.

Covid still has us on the same path of webinars. I am hoping a vaccination comes soon so we can all get back to normal.