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January News & Notes

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January 2022
Herb Plants
January 23, 2022 Meeting

Topic: Growing Herbs from Seed to Harvest

Doors open at 12pm

Place Horticultural Competition entries by 1pm

Speaker starts at 1pm

Everyone regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask.

Please bring items to donate to raffle table

Make & take project: Courtney Quinn will demonstrate how to make a pine cone door hanger.

2020-2021 Horticultural Competition Awards Presentation

Image by peter bucks

The Secret Meaning of Herbs

Across many different cultures and time periods, humans have cherished a secret meaning of herbs and plants. Flowers, herbs, and foliage were given as tokens of good luck and well wishing...... to continue reading click here


 Membership Dues to the Long Island Horticultural Society will be due on January 1 of every year. We are going back to a calendar year system regarding when membership dues are to be paid. If your dues aren't paid by January 1 a reminder letter will be sent out. If your dues still aren't paid you will not be able to participate in any LI Hort events such as Trips, the Horticultural Competition, the Summer Social ect. Please make note of this change. Thank you.

December 19 Meeting

 Holiday Party Recap

A fun filled afternoon of Horticultural Bingo, Horticultural Trivia, (those questions were tough!)

A Chinese Auction & Raffles. A tutorial Making a Pine Door Hanger, and lots of fun facts about Pine trees, presented by Courtney Quinn. A short presentation by Maureen Wawrzonek showing off her beautiful Vanda orchids and Teardrop Bromeliad and of course our own Elfin Chorus. Check out the slideshow below.

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Happy New Year sign

12 New Year Gardening Resolutions:

Resolution #1 Make a change, try something different, Try a new variety for 2022 or an heirloom. Challenge yourself!.... to continue reading click here

Chocolate Drink
From the Editor....

Now that the garden is sleeping buried under a pile of snow. I have been thrilled to have a lush, blooming garden to look at while I work at my desk. The Paludarium is growing like crazy. The Kohleria is delightful to look at with its bright red cheerful flowers. The club moss, has grown up and out of the top, the asparagus fern is up and out, curling around wires, and keeps growing and going, seemingly without a destination. Everyday I see something new. The creatures in the tank, pop in and out as well. The crabs, there are 7 of them, but you would never know it, they hide mostly and then make an appearance. It's something special to see one.

Click on video below.

Learn how to force Grape Hyacinths, a fun project for winter. Click here

Its that time again, seed catalogs are pouring into mail boxes, Check out Seed Starting Tutorial Videos, click here

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I hope eveyone has a very happy, healthy New Year!

-Ann Wetzel

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Cook's Corner
Image by Önder Örtel
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This month's recipe comes from Ronnie Brancazio Sausage & Cheddar Puffs