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Long Island Horticultural Society

January News & Notes

January 2023
January 15, 2023 Meeting

Sunday January 15, 2023 in the conference center at Planting Fields Arboretum. 

Speaker: Millie Hendricks

Topic: Long time member of LI Hort; Millie Hendricks, will be showing her own videos, showcasing the beautiful plants and wildlife of her Glen Cove garden.

Make a note of the new time schedule for our meetings:

Speakers will now start at 2pm.

Doors open at 12:30pm

Place Horticultural Competition entries by 1pm

Horticultural Judging from 1pm to 1:30 pm

Speaker starts at 2pm

After speaker presentation concludes LIHS Business, Raffles & Refreshments.

Please bring donations for the hospitality table, all donations to the hospitality table receive one free raffle ticket! We ask that you bring in your donations ready to serve and place them on the Hospitality table. This will help out our committee a lot.  We are also seeking volunteers to help with the refreshments. Please consider helping out.

Winter Reading for Flower Lovers

Awhile back we had a presentation by Samatha Ritter discussing the Slow Flower movement, which is using flowers from the current season from local sources. Our speaker from the December meeting; Jaclyn Rutigliano from Hometown Flowers, in Huntington NY is running her floral business the same way, sourcing floral materials from Long Island growers and home gardeners. Truth be told LI Hort members have always been doing that; as our Horticultural Competition rules state that plant material must be from our own gardens. We arrange & show flowers in season that we grew in our own gardens. We have been trendsetters this whole time!
I have been receiving Samatha's blog via email since she had her presentation and this month she sent out her favorite flower books for winter reading. Read her list here.

12 New Year’s Resolutions
for Gardeners

Resolution #1 Make a change, try something different, Try a new variety for 2023 or an heirloom. Challenge yourself!...continue reading here.

Cook's Corner

This months recipe comes from Kimberly Williams, Good Mornings Muffins

Holiday Party Recap 
December 11, 2022

Lots of fun, festive games and raffles. We started off with a meet & greet. Participants had to find the member with the other half of their plant picture, introduce themselves and identify what plant they shared. 

  Our speaker was Jaclyn Rutigliano of Hometown Flowers in Huntington, NY. She demonstrated how to arrange a holiday centerpiece using plant material sourced from Long Island farms and homes.

  Next up was Horticultural Bingo. It was a lot of fun! There was a take home pine cone project donated by Courtney Quinn, The Elfin Chorus sang several holiday songs with the membership joining in.

  The main event - the Big Raffle, raised $705 for our scholarship fund! A Big Thank You to Priscilla Bauerschmidt and Janet Tafuro for all their work soliciting prizes from local merchants for our raffle!

  Everyone feasted on the wonderful holiday treats our members donated to our Hospitality table Thank you!

Please click on the slideshow viewer for photos of the event.

Membership Renewal   Form

Please fill out the Membership Form here on the website, when renewing or joining. Just type your information into the form and print it out.

Christmas Cookies
Image by Alice NG

How to Force Grape Hyacinths

When it comes to forcing bulbs, coaxing, actually; is the term used to describe the process that stimulates bulbs to bloom out of season, paperwhites and amaryllis are the first and usually the only ones that come to mind, but Grape Hyacinth are easy to force too and their bright blue purple color will cheer up the most dreary winter day.... continue reading here

Image by CHIRAG K

Long time LI Hort member Jane Manning died on November 21,2022 after a long illness. She is survived by her husband John.

Want to Sleep Better? Add CAM Plants to your Bedroom!
Image by Susan Wilkinson

What is CAM you ask? CAM plants are those that absorb CO2 through the Crassulacean acid metabolism or CAM process and release oxygen at night...continue reading here

From the editor....
baby redbud2 2014.JPG

  Last week when we had our nice warm up, it got to 50°F! Felt like a heat wave compared to 5°F; I had an unpleasant garden chore to take care of. I needed to cut down my Redbud tree. This tree was given to me by my friend Jane Jollon, back in 2013. The leader had broken so it was growing more like a shrub. I have plenty of room so I took it and grew it out.           Nature always finds a way and eventually a new leader had formed and it shot right up. It was a beautiful tree, bright pink blossoms form on the branches in spring right when my white lilac bloomed. The two of them together were beautiful. 
   After I came home from our trip to Vermont this October, the tree was leaning 45° to the right. I had no idea what had happened. Later, I was told that it had rained all weekend and was very windy. I believe the ground softened with all the rain, it was pouring when we left for our trip and the winds I get here are notorious for causing a lot of damage. The wind knocked over a large maple tree 2 years ago that destroyed my car.

  I was questioning whether or not it was dead and wondered if I had to take it down. Well, mother nature once again made up my mind for me. Another wild weekend of wet weather and high winds blew the tree to the left, this time uprooting it completely and only one large root was holding it to the ground. The trunk had completely snapped. Sad. 

  I am keeping the cut branches to use in Ikebana arrangements. I love the way the branches bend back and forth, creates a beautiful line. And I'll still be able to appreciate my beautiful tree that is no more.

Anyone know if Redbuds can be grown as a bonsai?


The meeting dates for 2023 are listed on our meeting calendar here The next 3 meetings are on January 15,  February 19 and March 19, 2023

Please note the time changes to our meetings, doors will open at 12:30, Horticultural Competition entries need to be placed by 1pm so that judging can take place from 1-1:30pm. The speaker presentation will start at 2pm. LIHS business, raffles & refreshments will be after the speaker presentation is finished. 

Check out the Garden Calendar page for the To-Do List for January

For a fun winter activity you print out the seed packets   created by Patty Jarrett and get coloring! Find them on the Resources page

I wish everyone a happy & healthy New Year!

-Ann Wetzel

This is the time to plan your gardens for the spring, why not add a Pollinator Garden?

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