April 19 Meeting

This meeting has been canceled. We ask for your patience in regard to upcoming events. We will update this page when more information becomes available.

Doors open at 12:30

Place Horticultural entries by 1pm


1pm Tutorial: Kathy Burke and Jim Teeple, Topic: How to Grow Dahlias

2PM Speaker: Dr. Tamson Yeh: Edible Landscapes: Helping the Environment One Bite at a Time

About the Speaker: Dr. Tamson Yeh is the pest management/ turf specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, where she has worked for over 19 years. Dr. Yeh received her BA in Biology from Wells College and holds both an MS in Animal and Veterinary Science and a PhD in Plant Science from the University of Rhode Island. Tamson Yeh is also the author of Can My Petunia Be Saved? Practical Prescriptions for a Healthy, Happy Garden.

About the topic: Tamson Yeh’s lectures are always entertaining while providing extensive and detailed knowledge. In this lecture, participants will learn about tasty and beautiful plants that can easily be integrated into existing ornamental landscaping, including conditions needed for the edible plants, their potential pest problems, design ideas, options, and what to do with empty spaces in winter when annual edibles go away, ….and more.

3pm Society Seed Swap, Business, Raffle, Refreshments

What you missed from the last meeting....

Photos © Stuart Germain & Ann Wetzel