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July News & Notes

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July 2020
July  Zoom Meeting

We will be having another Webinar on July 26, at 7pm link to the presentation will be emailed to members. Our speaker is Conrad Decker of Decker's Nursery in Huntington, NY.

Topic Condition of the Urban Forest. Conrad is very knowledgeable and he will be answering all your gardening questions. Get those Questions ready!

June  Zoom Meeting

We launched our very first Zoom Webinar with Professor Michael Veracka on June 28. To see some of his presentation click here. Also included are the 2 videos Mike was unable to show during his presentation.

From the Editor....

Many members have sent me photos of their gardens for all of us to enjoy. I receive photos often - keep checking in. Newer photos are in the front. I am keeping all the photos in the albums so, we will have a year long look inside of our members' gardens. Please visit the Virtual Garden Tours 2020 page to see members' beautiful gardens.

I was going to present an tutorial on how to install drip irrigation systems but one of the kits I ordered has been delayed so, look for that tutorial next month. Instead we will take a tour of my veggie garden. I grow all my veggies in containers. Watch the video at the bottom of this page.

I have finally found a good home for my fruit trees. They will be dug out and moved to their new home soon. I will be documenting the move to share how to successfully move large trees. Something else to look forward too. 

Check out the July to do list on the Gardening Calendar page.

-Ann Wetzel



"You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”~Winston Churchill

The Long Island Horticultural Society Board of Directors are pleased to announce that all open positions have been filled. Thank you to all the volunteers!

The Programming Committee is looking for volunteers to help provide interesting and informative speakers. There are lots of opportunities to use the skills you have, or to learn new ones while working with fellow members. Email Bruce Hambrecht, Carolyn Bantz, or Ann Wetzel with any questions. (Board membership not required).

Falaise/Sands Point  Tour Update: We have been in ongoing contact with Falsie since our May 27 tour canceled due to covid -19. The grounds of Sands Point Preserve are now open but there is no date of when tours will be offered and how they will handle them. If you paid for the tour your checks or cash has not been deposited and you will be informed once we are all comfortable with the guidelines once they resume tours of the mansion. If you prefer a refund and to be removed from the participants list, please email Toni at tonilc74@hotmail.com. 



            Virtual Visits

This month: 

Joe Lamp'l tour of the Highline

P.Allen Smith Tour of Chicago gardens.

Project: How to design and plant a Cottage Garden

Extolling Benefits of Local Garden Membership


Toni Cabat & Stuart Germain

President's Message...

Happy July 4th!

Thanks to all of you who attended our inaugural webinar. Michael Veracka presented a program on the High Line, speaking on how you can incorporate some of the principles into your own garden. He also spoke on sustainability, a topic that is current. LI Hort had been planning a tour of both SUNY Farmingdale’s sustainable garden and the teaching gardens. If you have never been to the Sustainable Garden, take a stroll through it (that is, when the college reopens). The gardens at Farmingdale are free and open to the public, just make sure you check in with the campus police (adjacent to the gardens). You will get a $35 ticket if you don’t get the parking pass (again, free).

The webinar was a success, and we are planning another one for July. Stay tuned for details – emails will be sent out.

We are still trying to navigate LIHort through these Coronavirus times. As of this writing, the conference center is still not open.

My garden is thriving in this heat, and I am glad for the rain. Flowers are blooming, the vegetables are doing their thing. I am waiting for the butterflies. I think in the next week or two, there will be an abundance of fluttering in my garden. I grow a lot of milkweed just for them.

Please remember to keep your membership active – webinars are for active members only. Visit the webpage for information on how to renew.

And now for a quote from one of our founding fathers:

‘I have thought that wildflowers might be the alphabet of angels.’ Benjamin Franklin

Happy gardening all, Enjoy the heat.


Membership Renewal

We have a new Membership Form here on the website. Just type your information into the form and print it out. The form will print out with all your information right on the form. This makes it much easier for our Membership Secretary to read. It is extremely important to get your email address correct for you to receive all the LI Hort communications. Please send the filled out form with your check to: Katherine Readinger 12 Evans Court, Huntington Station, NY 11746

Access the Membership Form Here

Cook's Corner

This month's recipe comes from Bill Barash:

 Gazpacho to enjoy your bountiful tomato harvest.